Podium Analytics is a charity with a clear and ambitious vision to create a world with more sport and less injury.

Committed to significantly reducing the incidence and impact of injury in sport, the charity was founded with the belief that, to see the full benefit of sports participation, more needs to be done to address the issue of youth and grassroots sports injury, which is an under-researched, under-resourced and often overlooked issue.

Podium advocates a science-led, data-driven approach, inspired by the experience of its Founder and Chairman, Sir Ron Dennis CBE, as well as a collaborative one, and works closely with Global and National Governing Bodies of Sport, Professional Sports Leagues, UK Government, Technology partners, and Sports Clubs and Schools across the UK.

Podium’s SportSmart programme is live in schools and clubs across the UK, helping to deliver safer sport and physical education through the tracking of sports injury and return to play. The data being collected is helping to drive a broader, multisport understanding of youth and grassroots sports injury.

Researchers at The Podium Institute have access to these controlled, anonymised datasets and work collaboratively with Podium Analytics in order to maximise the impact of greater data availability through the deployment of the latest tools in machine learning, signal processing and data analysis.

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