Lorenza Prospero
Doctoral Student


Lorenza Prospero completed a BSc Information Engineering (2016) and MSc Telecommunications Engineering (2018) at the University of Padova. Before starting her DPhil, she worked as a Computer Vision Engineer for, a London based startup, for more than 3 years. She was a professional basketball player with the London BA Lions, and with VelcoFin Vicenza. She is currently playing for the first women’s team of the University of Oxford.

Research Project

Title: Automated analysis of contact forces and injuries in sports videos

Summary: The objective of my research is to analyse the impacts in sports videos using computer vision techniques to track player movements and predict potentially dangerous collisions. Towards this goal, I am working on human pose estimation and 3D reconstruction models for sports scenes.

This task is particularly challenging due to frequent occlusions and the highly dynamic nature of these environments. Nevertheless, precise estimation of kinematics and biomechanics of impacts is a crucial step towards scalable and effective injury analysis and prevention.

Supervisors: Prof. Christian Rupprecht, Dr João Henriques