Melis Atbinek
Doctoral Student


I graduated from the Izmir Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in molecular biology and genetics. I was also qualified as a research assistant, teaching microbiology and cell biology lab classes. I have been playing volleyball for more than 10 years. I am also interested in various sports and how scientific contributions can affect the health of athletes and sports overall.

Research Project

Every exercise leads to micro-damages in our bones and muscles which is a normal process. When given a proper time to recover these damages heal and improve athletic performance. However, in most cases, people might not give enough time for healing, leading to slight pain. This could be easily overlooked, leading to a bigger injury: overuse injuries. The focus of my PhD project is on the development of biomarkers that lead to overuse injuries in volleyball. My overall goal is to observe different parameters (biomarkers, training load, and circadian rhythm) and investigate their effect on volleyball players.

Supervisors: Prof. Mauricio Villarroel