Yixing Lei
Doctoral Student


Yixing is a researcher with a focus on rehabilitation, machine learning and computer vision. He holds an MSc degree in Human and Biological Robotics from Imperial College London, where he developed a camera-based Functional Electrical Stimulation calibration system for his thesis. He also has experience in designing and manufacturing soft robotics.

Currently, as a DPhil student, Yixing aims to integrate motor learning theories with state-of-the-art technologies, such as motion capture systems and virtual reality, to enhance the training efficiency of youth athletes while reducing their risk of injury.

Research Project

My research focuses on utilizing virtual reality (VR) technology to prevent non-acute injuries during training sessions. Currently, I am exploring existing control models for human motion control and learning, assessing how VR can overcome their limitations as a guidance tool. In the future, I aim to conduct specific research on select wrist motions to evaluate the effectiveness of integrating VR with these control models and their applicability in real-world scenarios.

Supervisors: Prof. Liang He and Prof. Mauricio Villarroel